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Presentation of the Activities of the Young Cyclotourists of the UECT - AJC

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Aims of the Activities of the Young Cyclotourists UECT (AJC UECT)

Create a framework for welcoming and actively participating in cycling tourism events for families with children.  Promote the practice of bicycle tourism by young people. To create the opportunity for these young people to get to know the countries of Europe and to make friendly contacts. Raise awareness among young people about the richness of the environment and ecology. To enable young people to discover European cultures and through these actions to contribute to training in European Citizenship for young people.


Organisation of the AJC UECT

This proposal provides for the organisation of the Activities of the Young Cyclotourists of the UECT (AJC-UECT) during the European UECT Week (SE-UECT) and in the same place. Thus, the organizer of the SE will also be the organizer of the AJC.

  • The AJC take place from 9am to 3pm, for 4 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and Friday.
  • During the AJC, i. e. between 9am and 3pm per day of activity, the children are under the responsibility of the qualified instructors approved by the UECT. Outside this time, adults in care are the only ones responsible for the children.
  • The AJCs are an entire event. It is not possible to register for the day. All children will be registered for the 4 days of the AJC.
  • The children carry out a programme whose main lines are described by the Framework Programme below.
  • Registration for the AJC is done via the European Week Registration Form.
  • As such, children benefit from the insurance guarantees provided by the organiser.
  • The AJC have a specific programme (different from the SE programme), adapted to the young public and which emphasises the objectives defined by the UECT and by those responsible for setting up the AJC.
  • Activities will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. On Friday, the young people are scheduled to go out with the adults participating in the SE on the day's route and have a common picnic.

We warmly invite young cyclists to participate in the Activities.


AJC Framework Program

Group  Programm  Target

Group A
(7-10 years old)

Difficulty level 1, 2

Games, skill tests and others, on site, in multilingual teams; compass use and orientation in the field; reading a simple map;
walks and awakening children to nature and the environment.
Preparation and realization of a bike trip. Initiation to the mechanics of cycling, adaptation of speed to the difficulty of the course.
Team and individual ranking.
Introduction to cycling tourism; children's awareness of the environment and ecology;
knowledge of cycling techniques; transmission of the values of camaraderie, sports collaboration,
mutual aid, and respect for the cultures of one's classmates.

Group B
(11-13 years old)

Difficulty level 3, 4

Cycling events, cycling techniques, road signs, traffic regulations, field orientation, map reading, collaboration and mutual aid in a multilingual team;
Cycling tourism: looking at the environment to find a subject for a bike ride.
The children prepare, under the instruction of an instructor, their own exit.
Team and individual ranking.

Adaptation of children to road traffic; recognition of the environment and its use in the preparation of bike rides.
Transmission of the values of camaraderie, sporting collaboration, mutual aid, and respect
for the cultures of one's classmates.

Group C
(14-17 years old)

Difficulty level 5, 6

Cycling events; reminder: road signs, traffic regulations, orientation in the field, reading the map.
Discovery of the region (Tourist Office, Library, Internet) and the choice of thematic routes (gastronomy, interesting people, history, architecture, etc.).
Organisation and implementation of all cycling trips (no more than 3).
Collaboration and mutual assistance in a multilingual team. Team and individual ranking.

Support and accompaniment to enable young people to acquire their autonomy; Awareness of landscape quality and ecology among young people; Transmission of the values of camaraderie, sports collaboration, mutual support and respect for the cultures of their peers.

Some pictures of the AJC in Aubusson in 2015. Picture : B. Rusiewicz

Aubusson2 1Aubusson4 1Aubusson3 1

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