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European Union of Cyclotourism (UECT)
XVIth European Cycling Tourism Week / Vth Activities of Young Cyclotourists
Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - July 3 to 10, 2021

Registration form for SE and AJC participants

Registration and payment preferably before May 22-2021

How to fill in the registration form? Some indications to read carefully.

In order to facilitate your registration for the European Week (SE) and Youth Activities (AJC), the UECT has set up this online registration form. It is up to you to complete it by following the input instructions and clicking on VALIDATE to confirm your registration for the SE.

  • Who can register ?: Any person who practices cycling tourism can register to the UECT SE-AJC, this person can be or not be licensed to a federation affiliated to the UECT. The online registration form allows you to enter data : of one or more single participants, of one or 2 couples, of a family with children. If more than 2 couples, several families or more than 5 people, you must draw up separate registration form in order to benefit from the announced rates. The participant responsible for registration is a participant who will be the contact person to be contacted, if necessary, by the organizer of the SE.
  • Payment Method :
    • by Credit Card :
      • Following the receipt of payment by Secure Credit Card on the UECT bank account, the confirmation of your registration will be sent to the email address of the participant responsible for registration with your Reference File No + registration summary. Please print this final confirmation in order to present it to the organizer at the SE-AJC 2021 permanent office.
      • this method of payment is to be preferred: simplification, speed of processing and security
    • by bank transfer :
      • Following your electronic registration, the confirmation of pre-registration with your Reference File No + the summary of the registration and amounts to be paid will be sent automatically within the following hour by our server on the day of your entry, to the email address of the participant responsible for registration.
      • After the receipt of your bank transfer to the UECT bank account (to be done within a maximum of 20 days after registration, otherwise your registration will be cancelled), the final confirmation your registration with your Reference File No this final confirmation will be sent to the email address of the participant responsible for registration. Please print it in order to present it to the organizer at the SE-AJC 2021 permanent office.
    • License Validity : SE participants who have declared that they hold a cycling tourism licence/insurance issued by a UECT member federation (FFCT – FFBC – FECT – PTTK – FPCUB – FPC – CTU –AFS), valid for the year 2021, must present it with the final confirmation of registration when registering at the permanent office. Otherwise, registration fees will be recalculated and increased according to the actual status of the participant (see rate below).
    • E-mails : for address holders @gmail and @hotmail, it is possible that our confirmation mailings may arrive either in the spam folder, so please check.
    • Changes to the stay : After sending your registration form, any changes to it can only be made to the SE registration referent by e-mail to indicating Reference File No.
    • Cancellation of the stay :
      • By the participant: in the event of personal force majeure, duly justified and sent electronically to the address, a request for cancellation will be accepted before the date of June 7th, 2021 for full reimbursement (registration fees + services recorded on the registration form). For any cancellation after this date, only the registration fees will be retained in full by the organisation for filing fee.
      • By the UECT: in case of cancellation of the "Week" due to force majeure (reference article 1218 of the French civil code) e.g. pandemic - border closures - economic crisis, the decision on the feasibility of the "Week" will be taken by the UECT at the latest on 15 May 2021.

This total cancellation would result in a full refund to the participant of the registration fees and the services recorded on the registration form.

This reimbursement will be made within 2 months maximum following the last day initially planned for the organisation of the "Week".

In the event of a pandemic, the UECT cannot be held responsible for claiming a last-minute refund of the registration fees and services registered when registrating the participants, if there are obligations and non-compliance with these obligations of :

-        vaccination to travel or circulate in the country organising the "Week".

-        providing to the border post a certificate of desensitisation for viruses, issued by a State body in the participant's country.

In case of quarantine of the participant at the place of the "Week" or on his return to his country of origin, the UECT cannot be held responsible and will not grant any financial compensation.

  • Complaints : you have a period of fourteen clear days as from July 11th, 2021 to exercise your right of complaint, justifying the reason for it, the damage suffered, by sending an electronic complaint to
  • 2021 Tariff : Below is the table of costs for registration to the SE-AJC 2021. Participants who have made their registration and the corresponding payment before May 22d, 2021 will benefit from prices indicated in the table below. After this date the prices will be increased by 5 € per person.


Participant status

Affiliated with a UECT member federation with a cycling tourism licence

Registration for SE with participation in Youth Activities (AJC)

Without affiliation to a UECT member federation


35 €


50 €

Spouse of a participant

15 €


35 €

Child under 18 years old

10 €

1 €

10 €


Important additional information :

  • The organisers remind that federal campsites are ephemeral and, as such, they cannot offer the same accommodation and comfort services as private campsites.
  • No access will be possible or accepted at the various UECT federal camping sites in the University City to Banja Luka before Friday July 2d, 2021 2:00 p.m.
  • Camping/Electricity As far as camping pitches are concerned, for logistical reasons, motorhomes - caravans - tents with electricity connections will not be able to share the same space as motorhomes - caravans - tents without electricity connections, several separate and nearby pitches are provided depending on the case.

The UECT federal campsite will extend over 3 ha in one piece on a flat, grassy, enclosed and secure site.

  • Club groups : For club or by affinity grouping on campsites, send an email to info@uect.orgindicating your Reference File No and the Reference File No of the other person, satisfaction will be given to the extent of logistical possibilities, caution with or without immiscible electrical connections.
  • Files will be collected at from the University City located Bulevar Vojvode Petra Bojovica 32 - – Banja Luka :
    • Friday, July 2d, 2021 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm


Data Protection and Freedom Act

The personal information provided on this form is processed electronically for registration for the European Cycling Week (SE) and the Young Cyclists' Activities (AJC).

The recipient of the data are : the European Cycling Tourism Union (UECT) in Ivry s/Seine – France and the Association for Sport (AFS) in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) only for the names, address, telephone.

You have the right to access and rectify information concerning you.

If you wish to exercise this right concerning you, please contact us at

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